After years of research on natural male enhancement, the new Zytenz formula seeks to dispel your performance anxieties and help you feel sexually confident. How, you ask? THE INGREDIENTS. Zytenz contains 14 all-natural ingredients into a proprietary blend to help you reach your goals in bed.

Ingredient Highlights:

D-Aspartic Acid. The benefits of D-aspartic acid (or D-AA) are specific to it and do not extend to L-asparate, the other form of the amino acid “aspartic acid”. Research has concluded that D-aspartic acid plays a role in regulating the formation and release of testosterone and luteinizing hormone, which acts on the testosterone producing cells in the testis. Each serving of Zytenz contains 1,200mg of D-AA.

Eurycoma Longifolia. Also known as tongkat ali, eurycoma longifolia is believed to be an aphrodisiac and remedy for decreased sex drive (or libido). Results of a double-blind, clinical study of eurycoma longifolia relates that subjects who took 300mg of eurycoma water extract noted an increase in erectile function and libido. Zytenz contains 50mg of eurycoma longifolia per serving.



I am 46 years old and the Doctor has me on androgel 1.62% 4 doses and it seem to help a little and the cost is out of this world until I researched and found Zytenz. I am not into the herbal medication but after reading some of the success stories I thought why not at that price I have nothing to loose so I gave it a shot and after about the 4th dose, both me and my wife were extremely satisfied with the results as I have other health problems. I have no side effects and it does work and both of us are very pleased!!!

- John Nix

*Results in Testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary.

I am a 71 yr. old male & have been taken zytenz for about a year. I take three pills appox. 30 minutes before sex & it has been amazing. My wife told me that i am as good as I was when I was young, just hard to believe. Thank you so very much.

- Anthony Camprise

*Results in Testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary.

I decided to try this product because my sex drive and energy level was low due to a lot of stress in my job. I had tried a testosterone booster before and didn't get any positive results so I tried Zytenz. From the first dose that I took I felt the difference. I felt an increase in my sex drive and energy and had a noticably fuller erection which also lasted longer. I completely recommend this product and so does my wife!

- Alejandro Vargas

*Results in Testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary.


I’m a fifty one year old male, In relatively good shape. In the last couple of years, I’ve begun to understand why all these erectile dysfunction products are marketed to my age group, Enough said!M

Not wanting to deal with the danger associated with these pharmaceutical products, I’ve tried both Enzyte, and Magna Rx with no results at all.

Zytenz though is entirely different. Simply put, THIS PRODUCT WORKS! It not only increased my size and thickness, but gave me increased endurance during sexual activity. A coworker of mine who is an expert on supplements told me all the ingredients listed on the bottle have been shown to have positive health benefits with no dangerous side effects.

I would also recommend this company as highly reputable which for me is so important considering the gamble one can take while ordering on the internet.(Fresh products, not some closeout someone bought in volume for a reduced rate because it was collecting dust in some warehouse, and slapped up a website) The customer service is second to none, and their prices are the best I’ve found anywhere for this product.

- Jack Hudson

*Results in Testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary.

I have absolutely fallen in love with Zytenz. For awhile I have been needing something extra to perform better. Zytenz was the answer. After using just 1 bottle both me and my girl friend noticed the difference. I have been recommending this product to all my friends who are also seeing great results!

- Robert

*Results in Testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary.

OUR 90 DAY, 100%

You're protected by our 90 day money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you're not totally satisfied, you can return your order for a full refund. This guarantee is good for one used and all unused bottle. All you have to do is contact customer service and send back your bottles. There are no restocking fees and no tricky fine print. We wouldn't offer a guarantee like this unless we were absolutely confident you'd be amazed by the results.


Are There Any Side Effects?

No. Zytenz was created with safety in mind. The ingredients are 100% natural. Like with all supplements, be sure to talk with your physician before use.

Do you ship and bill discretely?

Yes! All orders are shipped in unmarked packaging. There will be no mention of Zytenz or Male Enhancement on your credit card statement.

How long does each bottle last?

Each bottle contains 84 capsules and lasts 28 days when takes as directed. You're supposed to take 3 capsules of Zytenz every evening with dinner.

How quickly will I get my order?

All orders are shipped within 1 business day. Domestic and international orders are shipped vis USPS and FedEX. For exact shipping times and costs, add an item to the cart and enter your zip code.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Our enormous volume of shipping allows us to get discounted rates, these discounts are passed on to you. The time of arrival depends on your location.

What is Zytenz Serum?

Zytenz Serum is an male enhancement serum which helps improve sexual confidence, remove performance anxiety, and may even help improve sleep quality. Zytenz Serum normally sells for $29.95, but you can get it today for absolutely FREE when you order 2 or more bottles of Zytenz! Each bottle of Zytenz Serum lasts 30 days and can be used with Zytenz.


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